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Residential Plumbing in the Los Angeles Area

From checkups to maintenance, from new fittings to exhaustive cleaning, we’re your reliable plumbers for all your plumbing needs. Drain Right Plumbing Services is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to ensure maximum quality service for your home. Call us today to request a same-day appointment.
Our residential services include:
  • Hydro-jetting services
  • Trenchless sewer pipe replacement
  • Pipelining and sewer clean-out
  • Bath tubs and showers
  • Drainpipes, faucets, and fixtures
  • Floor drains
  • Sink repair and garbage disposal installation
  • Tankless water heater service
Plumber Fitting Sink Pipe In Bathroom

Flat Rate, Upfront Pricing

We cater to all your plumbing needs. If there’s any plumbing-related service that is not stated on our site, please contact us – we will fix it for you.

Hydro-Jetting Service

Hydro-jetting is a procedure that uses high-pressure water to clear blockages in drain systems and is normally the first approach to clearing congested drains. Except for the possibility of a collapsed line, hydro-jetting will resolve the problem, and a planned regular upkeep will keep the lines free and working correctly. Repairs of this sort will go a long way toward reducing possible blockages that could lead to pipe damage or separation that would result in a more extreme and costly solution.
Over time, buildup grows on the inside of pipes, just as years of poor diet will cause buildup in arteries. Grease, sand, scale, silt, and any number of other sediments are often the culprits.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement

We replace sewer and drain lines using our distinct method of trenchless pipe replacement. Our method does not require any huge diggings or the disruptive damage of old-fashioned “dig it up” approaches.
The trenchless method sidesteps the costly replacement costs of landscaping, driveway, and parking lot surfaces. Don’t settle for the high costs, damage, and disruption of outdated pipe-replacement techniques.


Trenchless Technology – the Future of Sewer Line Repair

Thankfully, a process has been developed that will restore those backed-up sewer lines to like-new condition with little or no diggings. Walls, floors, foundations, driveways, landscapes, and sidewalks will remain intact while this procedure is done. This procedure comprises a cured-in-place method that usually requires no widespread digging. This saves time and could save you thousands in renovation costs. It's a cutting-edge alternative to old-fashioned sewer line replacement that still offers the structural strength of brand-new pipes.
Trenchless sewer lining technology involves removing any calcification, roots, or other obstacles from inside the sewer line. Then, an epoxy barrier coating is applied to the inside of the sewer line, which creates a smooth and seamless pipe within a pipe. This lining is so strong that roots can no longer penetrate the sewer lines, and calcification is no longer a concern. Best of all, it is all done above ground. This cured-in-place method has stood the test of time, has saved millions of linear feet of drains, and has saved homeowners and businesses billions of dollars in excavation costs. Sewer lines become stopped up over time, and there's no telling when they will be completely clogged. That's why it's important to have your sewer line inspected before problems begin to occur. For more information on how to protect your home's sewer drain pipes, please call us.

Bathtubs and Showers

Whether it is a repair, a replacement of a faucet, sink, tub, or shower, or an entire bath change, call us first! We can evaluate the options with you and give you an estimate of the costs up front. This is the first step to a new, relaxing, and soothing bath. It takes a quick call and a discussion with us. The earlier you call, the quicker you can relax – in that new tub!


If you have a severe problem with your drain or sewer lines – from root damage to failures – we can locate the problem with the most recent in problem-solving equipment. This saves you from needless maintenance and takes the guesswork out of choosing the right solution for your home or business. With our full range of remedies, including trenchless repair, camera inspections, and leak detection, you will save money. With the newest technology in the plumbing industry, you can rely on us to get the job done right.

Faucets and Fixtures

Business and institutional faucets and fixtures are built for durability. We feel that a firm know-how is needed to make sure the manufacturer’s reliability criteria are met. We want you to rest assured that your fixtures will operate when you use them.
We consistently strive to repair and restore your faucets and fixtures with superior parts, built to meet or surpass manufacturers' standards, and to make sure they function as the manufacturer specifies.

Floor Drains

A floor drain is a plumbing fixture that is fitted in the floor of a structure, mainly designed to remove any standing water near it. They are usually round, but they can also be square or rectangular. They usually range from 2 to 12 inches; most are 4 inches in diameter. They have gratings that are made of metal or plastic. The floor around the drain is also sloped to allow the water to flow to the drain. Most residential basements have one or more floor drains, usually near the water heater or washer/dryer. They can also be found in commercial basements, restrooms, kitchens, refrigerator areas, locker/shower rooms, laundry facilities, and near swimming pools, among other places.
A floor drain should always have a strainer secured over it to avoid injury, entry of foreign objects, or incursion of unwanted pests into the property.

Garbage Disposal

Waste-removal units may jam, but they can typically be emptied either by compelling the turntable around from above or by turning the motor using a hex-key wrench implanted into the motor shaft from below. Very hard objects unintentionally or purposely introduced, such as metal cutlery, can damage the waste-disposal unit and become damaged themselves. More tricky are drain blockages caused by shredded waste that is fibrous (artichoke leaves) or starchy (potato peelings).

Sink Repair

The sink is one of the most commonly used areas in the kitchen, and when deciding on purchasing a new or replacement sink, there are many considerations. We are willing to assist in the acquisition of a new sink.